Ever since he moved to Los Angeles solely to pursue his music career, Yo-Blake has pursued music production and quickly made quantifiable impacts
that have paved the way in both the social and entertainment spheres.
With his authenticity and genre-pushing artistic endeavors, he has been empowering aspiring producers and artists to leave their own unique marks within the ever-evolving music industry. He has an innate ability to transition sounds exceptionally and unprecedented versatility in combining rhythm, sound design, and vocals that engage diverse audiences. Consequently, his work has illuminated the music sector and impressively gained him a massive following and widespread critical acclaim.

“Let It Go / Dȇjalo (Remix)” originated from the original “Let It Go (House Remix)” with Yo-Blake manipulating it to come up with three other kindred versions that are equally epic and worthy to be in any electronic dance playlist.

“Let It Go (House Remix)” is an outstanding deep house-flavored banger that features quintessential electronic house components backed by Yo-Blake’s first-class invention. The deep-phased bass, the sawtooth lead synths, and intricate percussion are some of the standout instrumental features, supplemented by the rap-delivered male vocals that fit the track like a glove!

“Dȇjalo (House Remix)” sees Yo-Blake add an enthralling Latin flavor to the original track to give it such depth and sonic elegance. The composition is rich and incredibly dynamic, making for a luxurious and memorable listening experience.

“Let It Go (House Remix) [Extended Version]” is a longer and hypnotic dose of the original track; this masterpiece consists of many layers of electronic sounds and captivating melodies that are strikingly cinematic, exuding a strong and mesmerizing groove.

“Dȇjalo” captures the quintessence of Latin dance, supplemented by EDM virtuosity to make for a transcendental listening experience that you can never get enough of. This track has a distinctive dance quality with trippy sound effects and swirling synths that add to the otherworldly atmosphere.

This 4-track collection enhances the vibe in any setting and gets crowds anywhere dancing with reckless abandon.