Yo-Blake’s musical approach has swiftly been evolving into a craft form; he has a way he lets the instruments speak to him, whilst he manages to holistically find a floating point amid the melodies and that is why his music can be deemed as art that is bound to echo into eternity. His infinite capabilities are also a highlight of his artistry; he is not one to conform to any specific genre, preferring to break the boundaries present in some of the most popular styles in the music world. If you didn’t already know of his existence, you are excused just this one time because that is the equivalent of being guilty of first-degree murder; make it count!

“By My Own” is actually Yo-Blake’s first-ever EP and a spectacular one at that. I feel that this 6-piece collection will lead to a pathway that will somehow put Yo-Blake in the rare territory and I know time will vindicate me.

Throughout this collection, I love how Yo-Blake keeps a listener guessing with the many intriguing components and styles blended in here for opulence. His singing flow really compliments the instruments he picks so perfectly. The tracks boast those instrumentals that have an epic, orchestral feel to them; the bright percussion, sometimes intense arpeggiated pianos, catchy guitar riffs, and dark synth pads in some tunes are some of the pleasures you get to experience!

Sometimes we just run away from all our troubles so as to feel “Alive” again; – to spot the miraculousness of a simple life, find fortune in the most basic of things and adore the splendor of the gift of breathing. Yo-Blake’s whispery vocals do the trick- warming themselves over the melodious instrumentation the same way they do to a listener’s heart. There is that splendid percussion toward the end that I seem not to get enough of!

“Midnight Lover” is a masterpiece in house music transcendence; with deep and ear worming melodies that have been escorted by those powerful male vocals, there is an element of aesthesis and exhilaration around this epic tune that reminds everyone how beautiful life is and no matter what you are going through, you shouldn’t miss out on its awesomeness and incredibleness!

“Don’t Need Me!” is tempting and if you ask me, it would be a near-impossible task to listen to this track without being compelled to get up and dance; it has that effect on a listener and that’s just the beauty of it!

“Far Away” is contrastingly brilliant to the intensity present in the other tracks; featuring a mellow, laid-back melody from the keyboard dominant instrumentation, Yo-Blake makes this one an emotional and heartwarming tune that echoes those deep and honest conversations between oneself that we find ourselves compelled to indulge in on a regular basis. Every component fits in perfectly to support the emotions around this magnificent tune.

There is a lot to fall in love with from this monumental collection that is now available for streaming worldwide!

Follow the attached link and make “By My Own” your own solace-inducing therapy!

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