East Africa and indeed the whole of Africa is about to get hit by some magic and before they realize what has hit them, the ground will have already jumped ship and joined the winning side of versatile and exceedingly talented legend in the making YEYO alias “The Miracle Child”. His swift ascendancy to the top will be by no means a fluke but deserved acclaim and he has proved his worth in the short period he has taken over the airwaves. He has all the signs of a triumphant victor and his versatility to sing with his incredibly rich and wide-ranged vocals and his inimitable ability to rap like some lyrical god, spitting bars and facts remain unrivaled. He also gets to enjoy artistic dynamism by switching his flows in the delicious Swahili and English – coloring his tracks with a cocktail of intriguing and invigorating ideas.  His rap track “No Chance” for example was a heavy intense rap tune that feels like it marks the arrival of a major rap talent and I thought collaboration with East Africa’s own rap giant Khaligraph Jones would do wonders.

His latest track “Show Me” which featured Bongo Flava versatile and superstar Tommy Flavour is an emotion-filled lyrically honest tune that has an abundance of intriguing ideas that lovers can get to sink their teeth into and the words behind the message resonate deeply with people who have had a share of love’s finest treasured moments. Right from the intro – as the atmospheric beats take shape, you know you are in for the treat of your life!

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YEYO then introduces his mellifluous vocals and after that, you really can’t keep calm – this young act is gifted vocally and there isn’t a glitch in his voice; it is pure, finely polished and remarkably pure and powerfully commanding and he sings along utilizing English and Swahili to maximum effects and coloring the track with magic with the catchy hooks that are the capstone of the track and pulls a listener in allowing them to get heavily invested in the tune.

The instrumentation continues jumping at you with an impressive blend of rhythms and melody yet has that potent, bold presence and the dazzling instrumentation is complimented well when Tommy Flavour introduces himself like the Swahili Shakespeare offering captivating and theme-honoring Swahili bars in indescribably marvelous ways. This is an outstanding feel-good type of track that can boost the vibe in any type of setting; whether you’re just listening in the privacy of your home, working out, or in the club enjoying a night out.

The track is now available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms and it’d be a shame if you were left out on this anthemic tune that is making waves all over!

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