Yash Raj Suneja is a major maverick blazing an undeniable trail with his many talents; he is a sought-after music producer, an award-winning content creator, and a successful entrepreneur who owns the record label Shiva Music and its parent company Shivamadhur Digital Private Limited. Yash has always nurtured an infinite love for music and creative arts from a tender age, a passion that has remained unwavering, and he is now reaping the benefits of his persistence to turn his passions into a career.

Yash Raj Suneja returns with a romantic anthem titled “I Love You” that takes the listener deep into the core of Indian love, backed by a stupendous production and mesmerizing music video.

First things first, the beat here is incredibly hypnotic, catchy, and irresistible. I mean, the blend of quintessential Indian instruments, the exceptional guitar playing, and the saxophone create a sound that captivates beyond just the five senses.

With the beat perfectly laid out for him, the singer Manvir Nayak does not disappoint with his mellifluous and warm vocals, singing into a listener’s heart and breathing life into this lovely ballad.

The music video is really another strong highlight of this jam; the eye-catching visuals and acting by Alok Raj and Bipasha Das feel like a Bollywood film that holds a viewer captive from start to finish. Kudos to the cameraman and editor, Akash Lohra, for perfectly capturing these beautiful scenes that appealingly complement this song!

This is what Yash Raj and indeed Shiva Music can deliver: high-fashion music with unmatched production and video creation!

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