XANADU Lover’s at Midnight

Over the years we have seen the evolution of band groups- from Destiny’s Child to Fifth Harmony and now we have new promising prose, XANADU which comprises of 5 members from different parts of the country and they purely operate online. This group serves as the perfect springboard for each member’s individual talent to shine. Combining the edge of retro pop with deep melodies of hip-hop and other flavorful genres, this multi-genre band has managed to achieve a remarkable blend of styles and ideas. They are on a mission to create music that transcends labels and exceeds expectations!

What a way to start with the deeply immersive debut single, “Lovers At Midnight!”- A retro embellished futuristic pop that boasts impeccable sonic variety and warmth. Right from the intro, the powerfully blended infectious beats drip through with authenticity and flair and make themselves home in a listener’s heart. All this is backed by the impassioned delivery by every member and you have your favorite summer track!

Combining evocative and synthetic textures with catchy hooks and nostalgic melodies, ‘Lover’s At Midnight” is otherworldly idiosyncratic and every member brings something unique with their performance making this track spectacularly diverse. They of course will continue to improve and I am looking forward to their next tune as they already left an indelible mark on my soul with such a dedicated delivery!

They were able to nail that pop and hip-hop aesthesis with the fervent singing and the rap intricacy in between them easily quotable lyrics. This is a tremendously engaging track that flexes its uniqueness and luxury to make it a straight hit and certified banger. Even the numbers speak for themselves with the official audio release having amassed over 17.3 K views on YouTube!

They are expected to drop the official music video for the same very soon and I really can’t keep calm. I’m so excited about that for I want to see the faces behind this accomplished performance.

Follow the attached link; subscribe to their YouTube channel, make this a favorite, and turn on the notification bar so as to be the first to be notified when they drop the official music video.

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