Hello, it’s World Funk Orchestra again, and this time they come bearing an undeniably infectious, catchy, and danceable musical gift; the Caribbean Remix to their globally acclaimed anthem “Such A Beautiful Day” which has gone on to earn rave reviews from the music press and massive plays and streams across different music platforms. With this captivatingly beautiful remix, they featured legendary music director and composer Lionel Dean Jarvis, who has worked with international superstars such as The Weeknd and Enrique Iglesias, elevating the song to new heights.

A bold, feel-good, and infectious masterpiece, “Such A Beautiful Day – Caribbean Remix” takes the original and elevates it to epic heights with its vibrant blend of melody and rhythm. The melodious vocals of Mitchell Stuart and South Africa’s Josh Samson underscore the anthemic appeal of this magnificent tune.

The strikingly beautiful music video captures exactly what summer feels like when you are in love. It perfectly captures the thematic essence of the song and amplifies the song’s impact thanks to its cinematic visuals and cheerful spirit.

“Such A Beautiful Day – Caribbean Remix” features reggae-inspired guitars, well-executed xylophone hooks, and driving percussion, creating an eclectic sound that spans reggae, Afrobeats, and traditional Cuban music.

This is a rich cocktail that has been excellently executed and one that is expected to dominate the airwaves, reaching and surpassing its original’s impact because one thing that music lovers absolutely love is a summer-flavored anthem you can dance and sing along to…WFO and Lionel Jarvis have just given us that with this brilliant remix.

A colorful remix now streaming on all popular platforms, there is no reason not to have this in your favorite playlist. Here’s your chance to redeem yourself by following the attached link and adding the song to your go-to library.

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