In a musical world where you can just be about anything, Will Ready chooses to be authentic, coming with an original sound within the realms of southern soul, blues, and jazz. It helps that he’s got that powerful and emotive voice that allows him to project whatever emotions he is feeling in his music and capture the essence of love, hurt, ups, and downs of life. With his relatable songwriting over lush and infectious soundscapes, he is able to transport listeners to other dimensions where they find their own stories within his words.

Will is now ready to release his new single titled “Get To Steppin,” an upbeat southern soul-flavored jam with blues and jazz sensibilities. While the lyrics pertain to deep feelings of resentment for someone you’ve had enough of and you couldn’t care less what happens to them, the infectious melodies and rhythms aren’t that bad for the dance floor.

With its infectious groove and soulful rhythm, “Get To Steppin” transports listeners to a lively, feel-good atmosphere where they can let loose and enjoy the moment as the memorable chorus invites them to sing along like no one’s listening!

As you’d expect, Will’s voice is ideal for this style; smooth, sultry, and measured as he emotively captures the essence of the jam and makes you come back for more with that unforgettable chorus.

The track’s cool and sultry vibe adds to its allure, creating an atmosphere of effortless charm and allure. Its memorable chorus is catchy and irresistible, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the song ends, haunting its listeners and drawing them back for more.

“Get To Steppin” is an enticing and irresistible tour de force, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its tempting rhythm and infectious charm. For me, this is the perfect soundtrack for a night of dancing and revelry, leaving a lasting imprint on anyone lucky enough to hear it.

Mark your calendars! “Get To Steppin” is scheduled to hit all major outlets on April 26th, but for those eager fans and supporters who’ve been riding with Will through every high and low, a special pre-release awaits on April 19th at

For more information and real-time updates, follow Will Ready everywhere, and be ready to receive this musical gift as a token of appreciation for your continued support all those years.