Walter Kemp 3, which has an international supergroup known as Black Whole, is a band that knows how to make music that captures the nuances of rhythm and the emotional value of great melodies. The group’s formula is very open-ended, as Walter Kemp 3 can seamlessly channel a wide range of styles and influences into the music.

These include jazz, fusion, and more. “De Facto,” the band’s latest release, is an excellent example of how these elements fall into place. At times, great things happen when artists let opposite ideas collide. This is precisely what happened on “De Facto.” The classic flow of the drums might seem odd with the sophistication of avant-garde jazz and the experimental vibe of the other instruments. However, all the elements merge harmoniously, giving way to a one-of-a-kind tone that will undoubtedly put Walter Kemp 3 on the map. The release also sounds incredible, and it is unsurprising since it was mixed and mastered by the great Dave Darlington!

Find out more about Walter Kemp 3, and do not miss out on “De Facto.” This release is now available on some of the best streaming services.