WA PRIZE, who also made waves in the 90s under the stage name Chris Third PRIZE, is a legendary Cameroon-born songwriter who catapulted to stardom in the music industry during the 90s by releasing chart-topping hits both in Africa and the Diaspora. Among these was the irresistible mid-90s hit, “Africa Zaboudaba”. Now, after a brief hiatus from the limelight, he’s back in full force with a fresh and vibrant gem, “WA SO”. This electrifying tune deftly combines traditional African dance vibes with elements of international pop and soul, resulting in an auditory experience that’s utterly captivating.

With this new gem, WA PRIZE takes his quintessentially Cameroonian traditional sound and blends it with imaginative flair with international soul and pop. The result of that is a melting pot of an enchanting sound guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes into close contact with it.

The production is of the highest standards, and the writing is accomplished and deeply relatable to anyone who has been lucky enough to find or give love.

This track is a confirmation to that person you love that indeed they are the only ones you love, and you might find yourself dancing as you sing along to the catchy and infectious chorus.

The blend of rhythm and melody is irresistibly danceable; it invites you to get up and dance on your feet, glee plastered all over your face thanks to that ‘feel good’ experience and vibe exuded here.

Special kudos to the vocals on the track that breathe life into the song, allowing the listener to relive those special feelings of being in love.

The accompanying music video is another strong highlight of this track and features an ensemble of talented dancers who complement the song with their epic dance styles in a way guaranteed to have you hooked from start to finish. It is no wonder the track has over 12K views in such a short span of time since it was released.

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