Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Vinyl Floor sports an extensive repertoire spanning an array of alternative rock music. The band always delivers great songs and stories expertly. This is a band that is always pushing the boundaries of its creativity. With their talent, passion, and growing popularity, Vinyl Floor has become the band to watch out for in the rock scene.

With their new album “Funhouse Mirror”, Vinyl Floor took a diary-like approach to rock music, with the music here exploring themes of love, loss, hope, adversity, and everything in life. This music was actually written during the pandemic and features raw, honest, and relatable lyrics backed by powerful instruments to get any rock lover feeling the vibe.

Listening to this impressive body of work, I feel that meticulous attention to detail and nuance are often crucial elements in transferring good ideas into great songs, and that is exactly what happens here. And having the benefit of experience and a fresh perspective like Vinyl Floor does can help artists fine-tune their creations in a way that best expresses their intentions and engages their listeners.

A track like “Anything You Want” proves that Vinyl Floor’s experience and dedication to their craft ensure that each song is treated with support and sensitivity. The intro is attention-grabbing, with that vibrant combination of guitars, drums, and bass setting the tone for this outstanding piece of work.

You know a good song actually paints pictures in your mind, but what’s more, a great song like “Anything You Want” connects the listener with their humanity and feelings. This is an aesthetic piece that is romance-fueled and one that really hits the listener right in the feels. The lead vocalist, Daniel Pedersen, has that type of voice that holds such effortless power and really brings out the gentle nuances and emotions of this track magnificently.

This is incredible songwriting, coupled with instrumental dexterity, that fashions music on another level.

I also found the title track “Funhouse Mirror” quite intriguing, and for a listener out there, it’s hard to truly understand what Vinyl Floor does to make this track so evocative and unforgettable. Only that they do, and that can suffice for now!

With this track, the band elevates the listener spiritually, somehow bringing them closer to the greater force that many refer to as god, the universe, or destiny. There is something unexplainable in this performance—a phenomenon that can’t be explained by logic that really makes it beautiful, haunting, and transportive. And this, coming from the more melodic and less abrasive side of rock, is another addition to the glamour.

Thomas Charlie Pedersen breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this masterpiece with a genuine tonality and expressive voice that help inject the track with elegance, depth, and emotional resonance.

“Clock with No Hands” comes off as divine and is quite charismatic. It’s the fact that you feel like part of the track and the delivery is squeaky clean that really adds to the fascination with this pop-rock tune with a stunning emphasis on the songwriting and a strong lead vocal performance by Charlie, who leaves nothing wanting.

In its entirety, “Funhouse Mirror” is packed with raw energy, infectious melodies, and captivating storytelling and really demonstrates Vinyl Floor’s broad range of influences and interests as each track takes listeners on an unpredictable journey while defying any specific genre or goal!

Creating a unique and captivating sound that appeals to wide audiences, Vinyl Floor’s “Funhouse Mirror” is a huge testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries.

The partnership between the band and the label ensures the highest quality in production and has enabled Vinyl Floor to reach broader audiences with their distinctive sound.

Be prepared to savor this sonic journey with “Funhouse Mirror” by following the attached link and running it up!

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