Venn Sung All the Way Us

Venn Sung, a very talented trio that has become unrivaled champions of Philadelphia’s current, contemporary, and nostalgic rock scene, has practically set the world on fire with their ferocious and apocalyptic sound. Embellishing their rock tunes with a powerful, layered sound that draws inspiration from a wide range of styles to mimic the more nuanced, emotive side of their caustic rock sound, their ascension to the top is all but certain.

Not waiting for the dust to settle before igniting the combustive engine, they have a new single, “All The Way Us,” a deeply anthemic and meaningful rock-flavored masterpiece ready for formal release on all major streaming platforms on July 14th. You can expect something to improve your energy while putting you in a good mood with sparks floating in the air with a warm and humid aura.


This is simply what we call a melodic transcendence in rock quality and objectivity, and the way the band utilizes its indestructible chemistry to craft a genuine and coherent body of work is one for the books. Infectiously making a percussive flow line intro, the sound immediately bursts in with a steady supply of punchy drums performed with passion and expertise.

Taking on the moment for delight, the band unleashes a timeless medley of rhythm guitars, upright bass that ignites the pleasure right in the heart, and some self-assured lead vocals, laying a steady foundation with a powerful automotive rock anthem. The theme speaks right from the title and is all about that instant and deep connection we create with other people that soon uplift us to glorious lives, which is such a potent source of happiness and a key in the promotion of our ever-increasing magic! This is the band to watch out for, and they are here to take what’s theirs, and no one can slow down their momentum.

Follow Venn Sung on the attached socials and keep tabs on their latest releases starting with this new anthem that will be released officially on July 14th.

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