Van Hechter & Chauncey Disco Brother

What started as just a random and accidental meet-up in Stonewall Inn turned into another thing entirely and a very strong and unbreakable bond was formed between Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge. Today their friendship has been blossoming like flowers in spring. Their deep bond has enabled them to design an artistic world that has been mirroring their indestructible chemistry and has also been reflecting that genuine love and admirable friendship which they are helping spread through their adorable genre-defying tunes to bring the world together in love and positivity.

“Disco Brother” is the new LGBTQ anthem and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you really are missing on a straight and party hit that boasts great sonic variety and warmth. The enthusiasm showcased in the performance is undeniably infectious. This is not a tune for the lazy ones with its affecting and danceable melodies inviting the listener to the dance floor where you get to lose yourself and feel young all over again.

The attention to detail in the instrumentation allows all of those upbeat and fabulous instruments to meld together staggeringly well to curate an authentic body of art that washes over a listener with monumental flair in rhythm and melody. This is a sparkling and splendid tune that will lift the mood on any occasion instantaneously.

The jovial singing is also a highlight of this singing with the boys’ club dedicated vocals commanding over the instrument and crafting a very catchy and easily quotable chorus section that will engage all the listeners dancing on the floor as they shout with every inch of energy in their lungs, “we are the disco brothers and we stick together.”

The music video for this track is out and it has so far amassed over 119.7 K views as viewers from all over the world stream in their numbers to share in this love that is delivered in a tuneful affair. It is a feel-good type of video with raw images all about the good times and great affection for the people we love. Simple yet effective!

The “Disco Brother” tour will be stopping in Montreal for one special night during Pride week at Bar Le Stud on Friday 6th of August from 5 pm to 10 pm. Chauncey will be spinning as Van hosts and both will perform interchangeably during the set. This is not one to miss!

Follow the attached link to watch the music video; like it, leave a comment below, and add it to your playlist to enjoy these summer months and beyond!

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