Valeri Duarte is a Cuban-Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist who proves every day that he was undoubtedly born for the spotlight; as a matter of fact, his multifaceted career has been shaping up to be nothing short of iconic. He takes cues from everyday life—life, love, the wins and adversities—to make music that connects to its listener on a deep personal level, allowing him to invoke a range of emotions from within his listeners. With a voice that is as powerful as it is gentle, Valeri Duarte skillfully glides over beats and rhythms.

His new single “Llegaste Tú” is a must-have for music lovers and underscores that music is indeed a universal language – no need to understand Spanish to fall for this song.

This track features such awe-inspiring guitar picking that, as Valeri pulls those strings, he pulls a listener’s heart and tugs at their heartstrings while at it. His smooth and powerful voice thrives over the mellow melodic arrangement, drawing the listener in with its raw emotion.

His warm voice serenades the listener, and I love this traditional Spanish instrumentation that is seamlessly blended with the guitar to add such sonic depth, clarity, and color to this bona fide standout.

According to translation, “Llegaste Tú” means “You Arrived”. This romantically inspired song carries a message open to interpretation, encapsulating the essence of those who enter our lives just when we need them most.

“Llegaste Tú” is for all those who show us or remind us how special we are and how we matter, and that feeling is reciprocated…the kind of people in your life that you are thankful for every day.

Delivered passionately over a lovely arrangement and exquisite production, this song is worthy playlist material.

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