Valeri Duarte is a Cuban-Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist whose musicianship has no boundaries, with his long musical journey encompassing many various styles. He is a prolific singer-songwriter whose kind and creative soul dabbles in relatable songwriting by exploring themes of love, family, and life. He is building something real here, and he’s also got that neat and crisp voice that ingratiates itself openly with any listener.

The single “Así De Novia” is the perfect wedding track and the best tune to play as you watch the bride walking down the aisle with her beautiful gown before you go on to enter one of the most daunting commitments in life.

As the mellow guitar tone that sets the mood plays on, you feel the raw emotions connected with this once-in-a-lifetime moment, your heart skips a beat, maybe you shed a tear or two out of love, and you just feel the deep emotions that make this moment feel as if it’s born anew.

Valeri Duarte meets the dulcet guitar tone halfway and complements it graciously with his own powerful and gentle voice as he sings straight from his heart and soul in a way guaranteed to raise your own goosebumps, especially after realizing that he actually wrote this track for his own wedding and debuted it on that special day…I can only imagine how his lovely wife felt—she must have been so honored, proud, and over the moon.

As the track progresses, the drums and bass kick in, escorted by other percussive instruments that give it that vibrant and danceable thrill. All the while, Duarte’s voice remains unwavering, still mellifluous, and full of raw emotions.

This is a beautiful song with a deep, relevant theme at its core, making it an easy recommendation to any music lover.

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