V12STEFF We Outside

V12STEFF is an American-based multifaceted artist of Panamanian descent. He hails from the city of Colombia in South Carolina. Music has been his way of life and he has managed to carve an indelible niche going as far as to have a colossal impact on his southeastern community along with his company V12 Da Brand. He prides himself on his tremendous impact and his panache to engineer music that radiates strong magnetic pull- very raw, emotional, ecstatic and definitely entertaining. Not one who is curtailed by genre restrictions, his multi-genre style is as ethereal as it gets!

Making a decorated entry into the music scene, V12STEFF has a new hard-hitting and breathtaking anthem dubbed, “We Outside” in which he featured equally gifted Tanzania artist Chery Brown who also resides in SC. The two met at V12 Studios where an instant connection was formed and the end result is this track that transcends genre restrictions in fascinating and enthralling ways!

For starters, it is physically impossible to listen to this track without moving your body. This duo went all out to ensure you have a track with everything you’d ask for blended in; right from those engrossing afro beats that have been afforded the abundance emanating from the dancehall spark, hip hop spirit and even the Latin anecdotes for one track that will spin your senses around pleasure and ground your aroused interest there.

Exchanging flows with infectious vivacity, the duo gets straight into business, V12STEFF attacks with his English, French and Spanish lyricism as Chery Brown gives the listener a taste of that Swahili wordplay. The flavored and repeated hooks of, “me & my girl we outside” cap off this pleasure-induced hell of a hit anthem.

This is what phenomenal music sounds like- it is high-end, luxuriously stylish, and performed with such passion to get a listener pumped up throughout its length. It’s so good and the only bad thing is that it ends – worry not for that is rectifiable with the touch of the repeat button to get another trip around music-inspired ecstasy.

Now that your interest is aroused, it only fair you experience this musical greatness at a closer glance; follow the attached link and let “We Outside” blast through whatever device you are using (sounds like a deal, does it!)

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