As his stage name suggests, UnaVerSoul KING is a global music superstar whose eclectic style, which is inspired by a plethora of different cultures and musical influences, offers a little something for each generation. His musical style is more like a cosmic exploration of the old and the new, amalgamated with the vibrancy of dance styles that are just perfect for disco nights. Priding himself on his versatility and innate ability to live up to timeless standards, it is safe to say that you might have found what you were looking for in UnaVerSoul KING- welcome aboard to a musical paradise!

I feel that it should be declared illegal to engineer such delicious music as “Last Dance,” and if you indeed have to, at least let it come with a warning that its consumption can cause deadly addiction because ever since I tasted that vibe in this dance-inducing masterpiece, I keep coming back for more!

A reflective Latin-inspired tune that has been flavored with the Bachata style of dance and cadence that has its reputation in its sensuality and romance.  With slick and witty Spanish and English lyrics over irresistible hooks, “Last Dance” meets all the criteria of those “crowd pick me-up” types of songs.

This is a tune that easily flourishes in any setting; may it be a night spot or company gathering, you are just inspired to ask someone to dance with you because, you never know, it might actually be your “Last Dance” with them!

Exhibiting beats with an undeniable Latin groove and tasty lyrics, “Last Dance” is poised to capture the listening senses and prompt the audience to move their bodies.

As I press the repeat button to indulge again in this indescribably enjoyable listening experience, I notice that I have been able to coordinate my moves to be in perfect sync with my best friend’s girlfriend’s moves; and from the way he is looking at me, I can tell he is far from happy. I might have to excuse myself and go to the bathroom forever (that’s what good friends do, right?)

To experience this Bachata elegance, follow the attached link and just dance along!

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