Tyler Brueilly AKA Ty Bru is a multi-gifted hip-hop and rap artist, filmmaker, photographer, and fashion designer who is achieving tremendously on all fronts. All his tremendous achievements have not been an overnight success or result of luck; he has worked relentlessly hard for everything that has come his way, including his beautiful and flourishing family. His music transcends the unbridled passion that flanks it; it’s his way of life and a tool he uses to empower and uplift as well as inspire future generations. His remarkable achievements as a filmmaker and photographer are a testament to his belief in overcoming doubt to achieve glory and success through hard work.

His song “LEGACY” is a testament to his deep connection with hip-hop and rap music as well as his family. This profound message is ingeniously delivered with a nod to old school sound and a unique Ty Bru twist.

With such ease and fluidity, Ty Bru takes the listener into a world of his creation with the vivid rhymes and excellent production. He blends vivid storytelling with captivating hooks, allowing the listener to relate to his every word.

His performance is honest, vulnerable, and mature. You’ve also got to love how nothing has been overdone here, allowing the perfect showcase for Ty’s unmatched storytelling abilities to thrive, proving that hip hop is indeed much more than just the music; this is a form of storytelling.

Accompanying this masterpiece is a top-notch music video that was filmed during a month-long exhibition of Ty’s numerous arts forms at the Randolph Arts Guild last year in Asheboro, NC and features professionally blended pictures and beautiful scenes that perfectly fit into the song’s essence and narrative.

This exemplary music video has been selected as part of the 50 Years Of Culture Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem, NYC, in August, which would see Ty add another accolade to his already glittering cabinet!

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