Following the swelling wave of momentum his critically acclaimed, “Change of Shape” album created for him, TuskHead went on to build on that momentum to attract a cult following with his brilliant harmonies that convey simple truths through sophisticated musical arrangements that transcend his music, going on to represent the Netherlands’s culture. Through his genre-defying music that features a consistent Americana-folk brand and country sensibilities, TuskHead has gone on to provide listeners around the world with a passport to experience love and joy in life as much as hurt and sadness.

Seeking to cement the iconic status that he has been rapidly building, TuskHead has a new 5-track EP, “Little Lights,” that is set to officially drop on 21st April 2023 on all the major streaming platforms.

As someone who spent his formative years experiencing life’s lessons of love, happiness, and heartache with only an inward reflection to guide him, this EP taps into the light as much as the darkness with a brilliant contrast achieved musically. A track like “I AM The Night” features a thoughtful piano and a dulcet guitar duet, supplemented by a powerful voice that is both pensive and sultry, hinting at an underlying self-consciousness, as TuskHead takes us on a trek that is somewhat semi-autobiographical yet familiar to most of us!

“I Am The Night” echoes the broken parts of us that make us feel unworthy of creating a connection with anyone…where we feel like everything we touch will ultimately break and end up miserable!

“Three Words” is more vibrant, with a hopeful theme at its core and spine-tangling guitar melodicism backed by a hauntingly beautiful vocal presentation. There is something about that seamless blend of rhythm and melody that really sticks and will remain in a listener’s head outside of the track.

The song “Fall” is characterized by an emotionally charged instrumentation and heart-wrenching lyrics that evoke a sense of melancholy in the listener. The poignant atmosphere created by the music and lyrics work in perfect harmony to underscore the overall somber mood of the song. From the very first note, “Fall” sets the tone with its haunting melody and raw, emotive vocals. The instrumentation is carefully crafted to convey a sense of sadness and longing, with each chord progression and arrangement serving to amplify the emotional impact of the lyrics.

“Wings” is a tad sentimental with a keen investment in hope—inspired by his grandparent’s unconditional love and following the passing away of his grandma last year; this tune pays homage to their lifetime role of always guiding us!

To that end, “Little Lights” is lifting and inspirational with poignant melodies to remind us of not-so-joyful moments that will sometimes overcome us along the way!

“Little Lights” proves to be such a deeply personal and quite enjoyable album from a veteran artist no longer afraid to bare his soul!

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