A universe as magical as this revealed in ancient wisdom and given life and hope through the coming together of passionate beings who decided to take matters into their own world and influence a mean world through their acts of altruism and ingenuity – Tribe of Djembe is exactly what I am talking about, a musical collaborative from Brooklyn, New York City who have been championing their cause as the voice of the voiceless and telling the unheard stories of the neglected. Creating sustained joy and boundless inner-piece and inspiration among a vast variety of listeners globally, their small daily seemingly insignificant activities done consistently over time have yielded staggering results – they are a household name in Brooklyn with swathes of their loyal following attending their shows and outdoor events. They take us through some time travel albeit dating back to 500 years ago and although the people are dispersed in all corners of the world, their spirit comes together in various times and various places – how mind-blowing is this!

Through dedication to serve a higher purpose other than themselves, spotting the iconic and fashionable style, the kind the in-the-know prominent bands’ sport in their effortlessly stylish way that displays an “I don’t try too hard to look this phenomenally cool” kind of attitude, they make their mark with an inspiring and motivational pre-release dubbed “If You Fall”. A stunner from the intro all the way up that implores humanity to come together. We all need each other and in case you fall, a bother/sister will appreciably offer his hand of support for you to stand up, as you dust yourself up and continue with the journey of life. This is the power of unity – united we stand, divided we fall!

“If You fall” will get you moving and grooving with the crispy and lush moderate tempo and feel. The rhythm section is tight and gives incredibly solid support while staying in the pocket punctuating and peppering. The highly powerful and gloriously expressive vocal embellishments add indispensable color and excitement. The band passionately carries this enticing tune with style and a big, bold, and potent tone. They radiate confidence and sing clearly with an astonishingly cool delivery. This is a luxurious sound that splits any defying genres splendidly and can be felt across by anyone who likes ‘good and inspiring music’

The music video is eye-catching with the vivid raw and cinematic images showcasing the cultural and spiritual adventures that this Brooklyn group has attended across the country being blended expertly to serve as the perfect complement to this track, both in symbolism and storyline! These events connect the beautiful souls with charismatic smiles to good music and it is such a joy to watch and live through their own experiences. Subscribe to their YouTube channel by following the attached link and let your soul be drowned by their impeccability flourishing through their inspiring tunes! They are on the lookout for filmmakers, editors, musicians, actors, artists, writers, historians, and such and if you might be interested in working with them, don’t hesitate to write to them on their socials that I have attached.

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