Trey Cunningham is an independent artist, singer, and songwriter who has been making waves in the indie music scene like some Elvis Presley or The Beatles. He has managed to design an eclectic catalog capitalizing on his flexibility as an artist as he is not limited to a certain style and thus experiments on various endearing genres and produces a fully comprehensive exceptional package that continues to keep him at the top of his game. His music is differentiated from the pack due to its emotional honesty and through his truthful songwriting; he is able to create that unbreakable bond and connection with his listeners that sticks like super glue! He finds solace in music and it’s his main tool for expressing himself and his thoughts clearly. The power is through the words and the words cut through with impeccable precision and clarity ebbing and flowing through the melodious instrumentation for that fulfilling listening experience – all you have to do is listen or better yet sing along!

Trey has been currently working on his debut album “Kaleidoscope” and to get us off on some romantic path is the enticing track “Wreck” which is set for official release on all the major platforms on the 1st of April 2022. This is an emotion-filled, honest and heartwarming track that fills the ambiance with melodic color and allure right from the introductory touch. The shimmer of the piano, the charm of the guitar combined with the efficiency of the drums, and being backed gloriously by the sting of the rhythmic bass completes this simple yet fascinating instrumental arrangement.

There is so much power in his vocals and his maturity in delivery can be made example of to upcoming artists. The track talks about the journey of love. Love is a fascinating thing and even then it’s not always an easy ride, they’re ups and downs, heavy bumps, and sharp corners – through it all love still wins and what makes for such a successful story is sticking with the one you love through it all. The lyrics are relatable – and the heartfelt performance by Trey is even more compelling!

The catchy chorus calibrated with those anthemic hooks of “I can be your wreck when I’m a mess” qualifies this as a certified anthemic pop that can best be enjoyed over some candle-lit dinner as you reminisce through the journey that has been your love. There’s it is guys – we finally get to have an anthem for the lovers and 1st couldn’t be any closer, to be honest! This is magically reimagined in ways only Cunningham is capable of delivering!

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