Tortuga Shades is your favorite band from Austin, Texas who has expanded musical and lyrical boundaries of indie rock music in ways that can’t be equaled. The soulful vocals, catchy hooks of earlier rhythms of funk, jazz, and Latin, the strong backbeats, vocal harmonies, orchestral sounds, and thick textures are stupendous production styles that Tortuga Shades use to create radiant soundscapes that display their musicianship and keen ear for sound design. The instrumentation jumps out at you with an impressive blend of rhythm and melody and still has a potent, bold presence. All these dazzling instrumentations are complemented exceptionally well with the incorporation of the enchanting vocals that are soulful and captivating as the lead vocalists and backing vocalists adorn their tracks with bewitching allure. “Revolving” was made with the same discerning prowess as it is an outstanding feel-good vivacious type of track that is capable of boosting the vibe in any type of setting; whether you’re just listening in the privacy of your home, working out in a gym or in the club enjoying a night out. Its buoyant melodies have got you covered.

A listener will be blown away instantly by the acoustic, synthesized and danceable soundscape backed incredibly by the spectacular vocal performance as the lead vocalist and other backing vocalists’ commanding delivery draw you into the song as you hang onto every word being uttered so harmoniously. The mesmerizing instrument bonanza from the electric guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and drum machines fabricate a groove that has undeniable danceability that can light up a DJ set or any kind of party at a moment’s notice. The video production is the best thing to happen to this track as it gives a viewer a front seat row VIP ticket to watch as the band performs their respective roles in various locations adding in some incentives with the acting scenes carrying around what has been depicted as a revolver.

Nadia Lopez brings the concept of the tune to life with a sultry, entrancing vocal performance that has an ambient, angelic tone. Gian Diliberto pulls those electric strings genuinely generating a resounding melody that rings through the air, reverberating across the track melodically. Casey Popp magnificently plays that bass guitar producing a compelling sound that is tremendous as the Sonics created add up extra flavor to the song. There are your heroes, there are your headliners, and here is your magnificent song! And if this record is any indication of the glamour Tortuga Shades are about to bring, brace yourself for some Tortuga awesomeness.

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