Thuggizzle stands out as an artist who doesn’t rely solely on written lyrics; his mind is his greatest instrument, from which cascades of impressive music and thoughts flow. Everything he delivers is 100% spontaneous and unrehearsed, which makes him a force to be reckoned with in his musical field. Apart from his musical prowess, he also runs a successful water business in Texas, Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water, with over 200 stores in Texas and expanding rapidly. He is also a community activist with his nonprofit organization, Thuggizzle Cares Inc that sees him give back to his community and uplift lives.

The single “Get Cha Hustle Up” recognizes and celebrates the relentless effort and daily grind required to achieve success. The single “Get Cha Hustle Up” recognizes that solid effort and is an inspiration to the daily grind of chasing the bag. And as someone who grew up in shelters and group homes and aged out of the foster care system, Thuggizzle embodies that relentless human spirit and unwavering determination to change fortunes for the better.

“Get Cha Hustle Up” kicks off with an irresistible hook, followed by Thuggizzle’s unscripted lyrical journey of rapid-fire rhymes and thought-provoking bars over a gritty beat.

Despite the unrehearsed nature of his delivery, it still comes off smooth and fluid and gets the listener heavily invested throughout the track’s length.

With Thuggizzle’s journey from hardship to success, “Get Cha Hustle Up” also serves as a personal tale that underscores the triumph of hard work and relentless dedication.

On the water business front, Thuggizzle is seriously expanding, with his sights set on Hyatt locations in Texas. Currently, the 50K Recycle Challenge in San Antonio, supported by Thuggizzle Cares Inc., is ongoing, and updates can be found on all of Thuggizzle’s social media platforms.

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