The Sugar Hollows began with Michael Dunn and Gabriel Spadaccini, who were residing in the same apartment and rapidly discovered that they were musically and personally compatible. What ensued after that was an indestructible friendship and musical collaboration. The Sugar Hollows are a quintet pushing the boundaries of genre and style with their eclectic sound that acknowledges no boundaries in time or place. They bring musical revolution, plenty of boy-next-door charms, and a sound that cleverly defies categorization.

Their self-titled debut album, “The Sugar Hollows,” features ten impeccably composed and performed songs straddling the realms of folk rock, country rock, classic rock, alternative rock,indie rock, and the stylistic caliber of roots music.

Their music represents the sound of constricting shackles falling to the ground, the sound of boundaries joyfully breached, and the sound of a band discovering what it is like to be free…this album demonstrates The Sugar Hollows’ ‘no-rules’ approach to music creation.

“Highway Daydream” is a virtuosic highlight of the band’s meticulous approach to songwriting and performance and their versatility. This masterpiece is reflected in its quintessential country-inspired, vivid storytelling.

Brimming with melody and bursting with sublime guitar virtuosity, “Highway Daydream” is a masterclass in alternative country. This is neat music with earworm melodies, infectious hooks, and a particular voice that vividly sings, provoking thoughts and imagery from within the listener.

“Shenandoah” features the stylistic caliber of the root sound. This song touches you deeply; it is hypnotic, and the vocal performance leaves nothing to be desired…so in sync with the rhythm and melody. The call and response will not escape the listener as The Sugar Hollows whisk you away to a blissful place that is joyful and nostalgic. This kind of performance is guaranteed to take up residence in a listener’s brain for the rest of the day.

“Follow The River” is another addicting masterpiece guaranteed to remain with you outside the track. And the way it grows and grows, exuding its alternative rock influences backed by that effortlessly powerful voice, is something to behold. This performance left a lasting impression on me…I have played it repeatedly, and still, I can’t get enough of it.

“Sweet Virginia Girl” is an emotional and proper country ballad that is outstandingly produced and excellently mixed. The bass and acoustic guitar sit nicely in the mix and do a great job of holding it together. The vocals are mellifluous and add elegance to the arrangement.

There is much more I could say about this impressive debut, but I figure it’s better if you listen to the album in its entirety and let it do the talking!

To sink your teeth into this masterpiece, follow the attached link and savor this magnificent performance from a band reaching an unrivaled high!


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