The Huneez Addicted to You


Whether it be in a studio, skatepark, open mic, or abandoned bank, the 3-piece band The Huneez always bring their one-of-a-kind energy and a mosh pit with them. Building off the momentum of their ever-expanding audience, The Huneez have continued to release new music, leading to an influx of new listeners from across the globe with the band’s dynamic, genre-bending theatrics and prolific sound ingratiating itself in their hearts and ears. Since its formation, this band has been able to put together a very nostalgic and versatile signature sound that has been effective in its execution and lively in its performance value.

The Huneez are currently the talk of the town following the release of their new delectable anthem, “Addicted to You,” which has been received with unanimous acclaim. A ‘feel-good’ infectious tune, “Addicted to You” is the very definition of a radio staple.

Combining a diligent breakthrough in sound that has that hearty dose of luxury and warm approach to presentation, The Huneez put forth an insatiable dose of energy you’d expect from a pop outfit and enhance their caliber with the sparkling synths, crafty basslines and beautiful fountains of euphonious and glossy vocals that take a listener to within touching distance of paradise!

“Addicted to You” is the sort of foot-tapping, retro-flavored masterpiece that withstands the test of time incredibly. The passion exuded in that performance is simply undeniable, and even the inexperienced ear can certainly grasp the technique and showmanship necessary to engineer such a genuine masterpiece that is both nostalgic and still feels way ahead of its time!

“Addicted to You” is for anyone and everyone who needs a good pick-me-up in the middle of the day or even in the morning as well. By the end of your listening experience, you are bound to get addicted to this jam; I’ve been playing it on a loop and still can’t quite get enough of it (I think I might need rehab!).

Follow the attached link and join the rest of the world in experiencing gratifying pop music made with insatiable passion and unbridled love.

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