The Fats are a three-piece Rock band based out of Montreal, Quebec. The trio consists of members James Chiha who is the lead vocalist and Alex Kotsornithis and Brandon Benwell on guitars and drums respectively.  This band was formed back in 2018 and has been serving as the perfect springboard for all the members to let their talents flourish. Combining the nostalgic edge of Rock N’ Roll with deep melodies of classic and modern rock, the band has managed to achieve a remarkable blend of styles and ideas. The band is back with their full-length debut album titled, “Rock & Roll Fantasy,” engineered and mixed at the recording studio The Sound Module and mastered at Ryan Morey Audio Mastering.

Capturing the aura of Rock N’ Roll, this 9-piece collection is the best thing to wake up to. Every track in here has got something unique to offer, making this album extremely diverse. The tracks actually exceed expectations with the band pulling from life’s tapestry of everything good to tell real stories that listeners want to hear in their music.

The sheer amount of diverse sounds on offer is magnificent; the instrumentation variation on display is abundant to ensure listeners have plenty of to sink their teeth into. “Hellhound” features wonderfully layered electric guitars that amalgamate with the punchy drums backed by the self-assured lead vocals to create a sound that is compelling as much as it is entertaining!


“Best of You” invites you to dance from the word go in that state of music-inspired ecstasy as the band unleashes a timeless medley of electric guitars, dutiful drums and powerful vocal presentation to breathe life into the narrative. The captivatingly arranged track has been both remarkably layered and mastered, allowing “Best of You” to always feel as if it’s continually evolving as it progresses.

“Long Tall Sally” is vivacious from the world go and some of that energy is in turn transferred to a listener! The title track “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy” is a beautiful body of work that is very consistent rhythmically and melodically helping give the track both a spontaneous and otherworldly feeling that continually rewards its listeners with new stimulating iterations to its already rousing concepts.

The covers, “Big Boss Man” and “Walkin’ the Dog” which were originally performed in the 1960s by legendary American blues musicians Jimmy Reed and Rufus Thomas respectively are delivered with an authentic ‘The Fats” stamp whilst still allowing to maintain their compositional originality!

There is so much more to delve into from this album and that is why I’m recommending it to you right at this moment; follow the attached link and find out the tracks you’ll most enjoy and add them to your favorite playlist!

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