A quartet based out of Washington, DC, The Exchange Project is comfortable with a repertoire of tried and true standards and traditional rock n’ roll, bringing to these warhorses some fresh ideas and perspectives on their presentation, delivered with an unpretentious yet exceedingly lyrical baritone. Singing and performing with taste, paying close attention to the melodies and the feeling behind the lyrics, and tapping into the nostalgia of golden-age rock, The Exchange Project’s music will take you on a timeless journey. They also bring outstanding instrumental expertise and authenticity that’s commendable.

The Exchange Project showcases adrenaline-fueled rock n’ roll in their single “Who You Are” from their self-titled album. Straightforward blues-based rock with metal influences and plenty of swagger and attitude, this track features muscular riffs, powerful drumming, and melodic bass lines that serve as the perfect backdrop for lead singer Omar’s incredibly raspy vocals to thrive.

The band delivers a powerful punch with this jam that is highlighted by unforgettable hooks and contagious energy from start to finish.

This song features such great production and a solid mix. The opening riffs are excellent and set the tone for the entire track, as well as serving as the backbone for the self-assured lead vocals. The guitar tones are incredible across the board, and the drums hit hard, cutting through nicely through the entire mix.

The bass wonderfully complements the melodic motion of the vocal lines. The vocals sound amazing, with that great rock ‘snarl’ to the delivery. The lyrics are terrific, and the flow and imagery are excellent.

All in all, “Who You Are” is a fantastic rock song and a well-done raw masterpiece, true to the spirit of the genre.

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