The Dan Fallon Band is an indie folk-rock band from Boston Massachusetts. The band, led by Dan Fallon himself has made their name through their acclaimed stage performances all over the United States. Dan Fallon is the lead vocalist and this suits him well because his voice is vibrant and full of life.  The band also have recorded a number of tracks over time in the music industry. These are majorly single tracks.

The band’s latest song, ‘San Jose’ is a hit that was recently premiered on 104.9FM for the very first time. San Jose is a track that has been named after the city itself that is surrounded by rolling hills in Southern California. This alone shows the artists’ appreciation for diversity.

On the track, Dan Fallon talks about tripping on the beach in San Jose and the message comes out clear. This is because of the advanced music-making technique invested in the song by the band. The vocalist, Dan Fallon delivers the lyrical glide in a very creative way. His voice alone stands out and one can tell that he sure has quite a ton of experience in what he does.

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The song is invigorating as a result of the well-coordinated instrumental. The team on the band has a lot of experience in live performance and that stands out in the jam. You can literally tell that each of the team members well understands their role in making the instrumental come to life.

The guitarist steals the show at the start and when the drums drop, it’s like winter in a dessert.

The bassline is also in line with the guitar melody and one wouldn’t argue if they were told the instrumental was a one take.

Music has revolutionized over time and major genres have ended up giving rise to other genres. Indie folk comes from rock and it was started about three decades ago. The music in this genre is chill almost like soft rock but the performance is slightly different. The Dan Fallon band executes indie-folk with a lot of precision and respect to the music standards. It’s definitely a music genre that was made for them. Soon, the song will be featured on some of their live performances all over the country the one coming next being scheduled for February 5th in New York.

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