Combining their love of entertaining and educating children through music, long-time collaborators Nicole Mangi and Leah Sprecher have created an EP that will surely be a hit with kids everywhere. The self-titled EP, “The Broadway Babies”, is the result of their desire to entertain and inspire kids to believe in themselves and dream big dreams.

Featuring charismatic songs presented in cheerful and colorful ways, the album is a great way to introduce children to the joys of music while teaching them essential life lessons like love, chasing their dreams, and that practicing makes perfect. Moreover, they make the learning experience lighter and more enjoyable for the kids with their upbeat songs, which are sure to appeal to parents and children alike.

“Practice Practice Practice”, as the title suggest, is for those willing to put in work to achieve success; It hits the ground running with the effortlessly blended elements of dance-pop that shimmer with striking success engineered by the percussive guitars that stun with great melodic flair and genre awareness! Behind their great vocals is a motivating message reminding us that to excel at anything, much practice is required, and we should work hard and never give up because dreams come true to those who wait. Everyone dreams of being a legend until it comes to doing legends’ work. So this is a wake-up call for us to embrace the call within us and do great and legendary work that will astonish the world!

The intro to “Saftey In Numbers” is one of a fairy tale setting. It takes you to all the fairy tale shows you have seen and settle in them. Is it Aladdin? Cinderella? Or is it Snow White and the seven dwarfs? Whatever your pick of a fairy tale, they all are one with the song. Slow, light, and soothing, it immediately puts you at ease. The lyrics are a testament to what message they desire to pass to the listener. You are a part of a system that loves and is willing to protect you. They sing of family and friendship that knows no bounds. An anchor of love for when you are troubled is the iteration in the lyrics. It is a message of hope in achieving one’s long-held desires as long as one has their friend with them. Indeed, a heart enriched with friends’ love is a home greater than any other.

Other tunes, such as “Magical Microphone,” shines with a vibrant ukulele mix with a great bassline and melodic vocals that will have kids singing along in no time. You will enjoy every minute spent listening to this intriguing EP, whether you have children or not. I recommend it to everyone searching for a fun and family-friendly EP.

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