Where fear has departed and the clouds are gathering, you find Pennsylvania-based metal quartet The Art of Deception, singing their hearts out and shredding their instruments with every ounce of energy they can muster. The result is something that slaps like hell but also feels heavenly! They preserve the lost purity and glory of metal and deathcore rock, bringing the roaring and growling vocal persona, the rip-roaring thrill of wild riffs, the untamed thrash of drums, and the epic drive of bass, all in service of something bigger than themselves. Isn’t it amazing the lengths some musicians go to in the service of authentic and timeless greatness? Trust me, I know!

Have you ever felt despair and uncertainty when thinking about your life? This is often marked by anxiety about the future or anxiety that isn’t tied to a particular concern, feelings of loneliness and nervousness that quickly morph into depression, and before you know it, you become the very thing you feared most. If that is the case, welcome to Earth. You might as well consider yourself human…these things happen to almost every one of us!

With this in mind, picture music that speaks to your feelings as if it understands you. You don’t need to imagine anymore because that’s exactly what The Art of Deception’s “Mortal” does. It’s a melancholic and raw masterpiece that reminds us of our imperfections stemming from the virtue of being human.

With this track, The Art of Deception encourages anyone facing existential dread to embrace their imperfections and accept who they are. This is where the journey of healing, self-recognition, and self-reconciliation begins, and slowly, you build yourself back up to your confident self. There is no quick fix for something like this; you have to trust the process.

A thrillingly epic blend of exuberantly lively riffs, rollicking drums, and striking bass provides the ideal backdrop for the lead singer’s low death growls. He breathes life into this masterpiece with raw and relatable lyrics that pertain to the song’s heavy theme.

“Mortal” also features a striking lyric video that elevates the track to new heights, allowing you to live the lyrics and dig deeper into the song’s meaning.

With that said, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to your new favorite banger. Enjoy!

For more information, check out The Art of Deception’s official website at The Art of Deception