Mainstream-ready with his dynamic style and swagger, Taymarion is an artist who has quickly gained access to the modern R&B scene. The singer from Mount Olive, NC, expresses himself using his lyrics, and it’s a pleasure to listen to the artist’s sincere feelings through music. He’s very much himself with everything he composes, and it allows him to strike an instant chord with the audience. He recently released a song ‘Nothing Compares’ featuring #ChillCity. By weaving intricately delicate melodies with his amazing lyrics, the singer combines the warmth of a mesmerizing R&B hook with sultry vocals to create a personal attachment.

His voice sounds like magic, leaving the audience craving more. There’s a gentle excitement in his accent that allows a single heart-touch. The song is well composed, and the sentimental outpourings are guaranteed to hit hard on the audience. The influence of the track lasts longer even after the ending of the track.