Hardly ever do artists make music that immediately transports the audience to another planet with its extraterrestrial melodies that serve as the ideal solution to a chaotic world. Mav0 is an EDM producer who has entered the music industry to astound everyone with his outstanding musical abilities. The artist ensures that his audience will gladly submit to his compositions in order for him to lead them to an unknown realm full of enigmatic melodies and plenty of hooks.

It is always worthwhile to listen to the music of such artists, who draw inspiration from a variety of styles and unusual themes to add a new twist to the genre. Following the release of his album “Init Os” earlier this year, the producer has released his new EDM single titled “Taking You There.”

The track “Take You There,” guided by an underlying fascinating melody line, evokes all sorts of emotive and nostalgic feelings in the audience, yet the artist doesn’t let them sink in, instead quickly uplifting their mood with the advancing strong rhythms. Overall, it’s a cocktail of some of the most interesting components, expertly woven under one cover. The musician’s use of variety and experimentation with the melodies demonstrates his artistic prowess.