T.Y.E.E is a 15 year old rapper, singer, musician, producer and manager from Ohio; make no mistake, he has a towering command in his music production and delivery and an underrated lyrical ability. He produces quality music while delivering introspective lyrics atop melodic production at the same time. He has an unrivaled authentic swagger about the way he carries himself- a testament to his maturity and musical experience despite his youthful exploits. He is primed to join genuine superstars of his own field and it is only a matter of time before his name echoes loudly in every Hip hop’s ears across the vast universe like Muhammad Ali. His latest smashing hit song “Morty and I” left no emotion untouched as he delivers in his usual uncanny, intricate and technical lyrical ability that catches the listener with surprise. His hands-on deck approach from the first beat and harmony is on full display as he showcases an inherent natural ability to blend with the atmospheric and thumping production that surges the project.

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His intimate and warm wide vocal range is complemented impeccably with the deep bass–booming beat and the complex blend of other intriguing instrumentals that harmonize with themselves integrating perfectly with the rhythm of the synthesized beat. T.Y.E.E lits up the melody, thriving with seamless ability as he enjoys himself leaving nothing to spare in the song’s anthemic hook; flaunting his unique style of explicit flow and nuanced vocals that are rich in youthful delicacy and immersive energy. This particular song was made with careful and attentive musical detail that will hook a listener to its addictive and effervescent harmony traveling with you deeper into the melody and getting hypnotized while at it.

This was a well-rounded performance by a young act plying his trades in the music industry and if anything he did not disappoint with his captivating and simultaneously assertive style and compelling, rhythmic and hypnotic flow that will stay with you long after the song is over. This is a masterclass in melodic transcendence that has surpassed the ordinary soundscape and pins it to the highest musical scale that even for his youthful ambitions, is superseded ingenuity. These are scary hours and I’m glad am alive to witness them.