While we can accuse the 2020 COVID pandemic of many atrocities, bringing together two phenomenally gifted artists, Matty and Racey, under the musical outfit Stunts is not one of them. Their talents separately are indescribable, but together they are perfection. The addition of drummer Pacey completes this trio, which has been meaningfully impacting the fabric of eclectic music with their genre-bending style of music.

Pushing the genre boundaries in their own unique and authentic ways; their music could be described as a mix of …well…heavy and experimental while using a vast range of vocal and musical stylings to create make each song a bit different from one another. If one were to categorize Stunts, it’s a bit difficult. Perhaps they are leaning towards a genre-bending sound that seamlessly explores electronic, punk rock, progressive pop, post-punk, experimental pop, new wave, gothic rock, alternative rock, noise pop, indie rock…you name it.

Regardless of where one would put Stunts on the musical genre chart, they do their best to blur the genre boundaries and not limit themselves to the type of music they provide. Their debut album, “Housework” is a shining example of that.

This album features 8 tracks, with Stunts making light work of each and every track that makes this indescribably magnificent body of work; simply put, it’s all in a day’s “Housework” for Stunts!

The opening track “Probs Not” is a groovy concoction of electric guitar riffs, punchy drums, and atmospheric synths with post-rock explorations and alternative styling, flanked by the self-assured vocals of Matty and Racey. Delivered from the side of post-rock that is more melodic, less abrasive, and relatively angst-free, Stunts gives this masterpiece a consistent and noticeable rhythmic element.

As the track gains pace, Stunts integrate the strong rhythms, strong melodies, and melodic improvisation, stretching the boundaries of harmony as they freely improvise and interact with the ensemble, integrating with the highly syncopated instrumentals.

“See Me” is a blood-rushing and goosebumps-raising masterpiece that has plenty of soul. The track features cinematic elements, and as it builds, Stunts unleashes a timeless medley of guitar riffs, crunchy drums, and self-assured vocals, laying a steady foundation with a strong automotive anthem.

Cementing the band’s sound and delivering plenty of intense rhythms and sharp vocal twangs that bring the 1950s back to your stereo, Stunts offers such a cathartic listening experience.

“No Feels” is one of my all-time favorites from this collection. Simply put, this is such a stupendous, intimate, heartfelt, and thoughtful duet imbued with a tinge of melancholy that it cannot escape its listener owing to the emotions put into that raw vocal presentation. Its easily quotable lines make this a sing-along masterpiece that is stunning in its anthemic color and groove. This track really feels like the soundtrack of my life, with that wholesome performance capturing the track’s essence and deep emotions perfectly.

“Disappointed” is another bona fide standout that features such depth of emotion and performance value. It is the beating of yesteryear dragged into the modern age, and it’s an absolute joy to hear. This track is brimming with fast-paced and toe-tapping riffs and drums, exuding such a wonderfully authentic anthem that mirrors its theme perfectly.

Stunts are a hugely talented trio who have become inimitable champions of the Wollongong post rock scene and are set to continue setting the music on fire with this fierce and cataclysmic debut project.

“Housework” marks such a significant milestone in Stunts’ career as they endeavor to leave their mark on the music scene, one song at a time.

If you love explorative and adventurous music with roots in electronic, post-punk, grunge, and alternative rock, then Stunts have to be your new favorite outfit…try them, and let me know how you feel about them.

“Housework” is streaming on all popular channels and is available for purchase as vinyl or CD on stuntsmusic.com. Make hay while the sun still shines (if you catch my drift)!

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