A legend in the making, coming through draped in dancehall-ware and taking his message from the corners of St Elizabeth Jamaica to the spheres of the boundless world; Odane Jones alias Stratigy was born in 2003 and is currently attending B.B. Coke High School. He has a penchant for telling real-life situations through music and he carries that ravening passion for music ever since he was a young kid. He is currently managed under the Steppa Entertainment current label and has some scintillating new releases such as; “Loving You”, “Struggles”, “Yeh Yuh Pretty” “Assassinate” and now, “Stop the Violence”

“Stop the Violence” is more than the music- it is the deep and meaningful message behind the lyrics; children are being kidnaped and going missing, they are being murdered in broad daylight. There is so much crime being committed against the youths and no one is speaking against it! The children are not safe anymore even in their own countries- those who are supposed to protect them are turning against them and killing them- the message is clear as day; this cannot continue, this has to stop- it was better while we waited, now we have nothing to look forward to, we have killed our past and are busy killing our future!

The highlight of the tune is in the message behind the lyrics and the accompanying beats do just enough to take the message home in their own imposing ways- the modesty and uniformity with which the cadence takes a listener through an endless loop of emotions are what qualifies this as an ageless gem!

Stratigy has such a unique voice that slinks through the instrument with a tremendous aura of authenticity and emotions. It is quite like the unique combo of the voice of Koffee and the swagger of Jada Kingdom! This is a universal tune that feels way ahead of its time in theme and melody.

The music video is the perfect complement to this endearing tune and has already surpassed the 53 K views on YouTube. It is an emotional scene with the emotions showing in the faces of those kids in the video and the cemetery scene heightening the theme appropriately. This is a message to Jamaica and even for the future generations, “Protect the future of Jamaica by protecting the children. The children are the future, take care of them!”

Follow the attached link and let the message in this track fill your heart as you share the track with everyone and everywhere- the world as it now needs this kind of message urgently!

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