Christian Iannone goes professionally as Stingosaurus, and this proficient recording artist and creator from America is also computer animation savvy and is also wholeheartedly fascinated by voice acting. He also makes covers to some of your favorite pop tracks from famed artists. Greatly inspired by Charlie Puth, Stingosaurus has a dynamic style that does not really conform to genre boundaries as he likes to exercise that freedom of expression through his music. So what you get from his impressive catalog are eclectic versions of tunes that blend modern pop with a plethora of other emotive styles such as bop, emo, rap, and even rock.

Bringing life to his artistic vision in the realm of world music, the staggering tune “Nervous” is just an example of what this prodigious creative can deliver. Featuring thought-provoking lyrics and a full-house pop sound that is colored with the stupendously drilled bop and dance melodies, this is absolutely a radio staple from the top to the base. This is a case of excellent musicianship blended with an entertaining performance. This is an upbeat track with catchy lyrics that is capable of making people of all ages want to sing along. And to those who might be struggling with the tension and anxiety love brings about, let Stingosaurus say the words on your behalf!

“Bracelet” has the kind of entrancing boom pap melodious beat that is equally graced with cadence-honoring vocals from Stingosaurus. This is definitely the case of when you had all and then most of someone, some and now none of them, and you really don’t know how or when you will get over the ghost of them and their memories. The tune culminates in a very infectious and emotionally grabbing chorus that warms the heart and soul and, in a way, comforts its listener.

Stingosaurus displays his dynamism in the tracks “Iceice” and “I’ll Carry You” by fusing that synth-pop with emo elements to design hauntingly touching songs. He also engineers a rap section in both of them that heightens the tracks’ impact tenfold. His emotion-filled vocals certainly do intriguingly well to echo the raw and honest emotions the tunes bear.

“One Thing” is an addicting tune that enthrallingly fuses the futuristic pop elements with a nostalgic splash of rock for a very fulfilling listening experience. The electronic elements also add that dash of harmonious dance, and the way he makes this an easily memorable melody is certainly why he is a virtuosic curator.

This is an invitation for you to experience something unique and diverse as Stingosaurus takes on his vision and mirrors it through his own artistic ingenuity. Follow the attached Spotify link and get acquainted with your new favorite artist. Follow him on the attached social handles and take on this magical musical odyssey with him – you really don’t want to get left behind!

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