“Fortress North” is an album that has everything you’d wish for in a full-length record: a collection that combines nostalgia and retro synthesizers with punchy drums, pulsating and heart-pumping bass lines, distorted, powerful guitar riffs, and melodic guitar solos. Steven Peltier’s music here is a journey through lived and imagined experiences, with each song transporting the listener to a different dimension. As someone who believes in the power of music to connect people across the universe, bridging divides, he has been on a mission to spread his sounds of cosmic harmony to the world.

Even without the lyrics, the songs here are emotionally gratifying and invoke intense feelings from within a listener based on their distinct thematic essence.  Steven goes above and beyond to deliver a collection rooted in a rock foundation, complemented by his own unique twists to appeal broadly.

“Kennedy Drive” is a fantastic bit of adrenaline-fueled rock that has plenty of swagger and attitude. The track features muscular riffs, powerful drumming, and melodic bass lines. The track packs an irresistible energy and a haunting rhythmic progression that gets you hooked from start to finish.

“Ineffectual Property” features rip-roaring riffs and drums, with each component harmoniously complementing the others, achieving the track’s intent. Each instrumental technique has a distinct tonal quality, leading to intriguing timbral and textural changes throughout, adding excitement to the arrangement.

The title track, “Fortress North” left a lasting impression on me. There is something special about this flamboyant tune, which, to me, evokes comparisons with rock n’ roll’s luxurious and exotic demeanor. There is a beautifully haunting rhythm throughout, which for me is where the gist of this track resides and which hits the listener right in the feels.

There’s plenty to enjoy from this album, including the terrific “Banana Approach,” a collaboration with his 12-year-old son. He was given the freedom to realize his musical dreams, playing the punchy drums on this track.

Dive into this incredible body of work via the attached link. Don’t just cherry-pick; this album is meant to be savored from start to finish!

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