After overcoming a prolonged writer’s block, electronic music producer Steve Sperry returns, better than ever, ready to push the genre boundaries and take his craft to the next level by blending EDM, trance, techno, dubstep, synthpop, electro-pop, and its kindred subgenres and styles together to create unique and accessible music. When it comes to Steve, absolutely anything goes, and that’s how he has been able to establish himself as a rarity among electronic music producers.

Steve, possessing an instinct for harmony, weaves elements of house, trance, Synthwave, techno, and dubstep in his new project “Then and Now and Now is Then”, encapsulating his creative journey in this timeless, catchy body of work. The songs constantly explore uncharted and unexpected territories. It is hard to predict, but it is actually the unpredictable nature of the collection that makes this album feel liberating and magical.

Nothing here is as it seems, with the electronic sensibilities reflected in an endless stream of funhouse mirrors contorting with gleeful abandon. The robotic, cinematic, and enchanting vocals rest in some of the track’s centers, serving as the unifying theme. This album has this mind-melting oddity behind it.

That impressive blend of rhythm and melody possesses distinctive magic, allowing the deep dive into consciousness to feel visceral.

The opening track “Flying Under the Ben Franklin” has a warm tropical feel about it; the deep driving pulsating beats and hypnotic rhythms will undoubtedly transport a listener to another realm—a universe where they get to lose themselves in the music and dance the night away.

This track carries a distinctive progressive house quality, with trippy sound effects and swirling synths contributing to its otherworldly atmosphere. It perfectly encapsulates the experience of a solitary drive at night, with the road, distant city lights, and music as the only companions.

“The Moon Room” is energetic and uplifting, but there is still a very immersive, very ethereal side to the arrangement. The sound of the track is characterized by its fast tempo and driving bass line. In addition to the driving beat, there is a lot happening as Steve offers soaring melodies and ethereal pads that add so much texture and atmosphere to contrast the speed and intensity of the groove. The pulsing bassline and intricate percussion create a very strong yet surprisingly mesmerizing groove.

“Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” is a banging body of work, with the big sawtooth-style synth leads in particular soaring through the instruments beautifully, establishing themselves as the leading component in the mix but without overpowering the rest of the song. At the same time, the instrumental is also very balanced, showcasing some incredibly dynamic parts and a melodic backdrop that really adds more ambiance and personality to this track overall. The composition consists of many layers of electronic sounds and captivating melodies that are strikingly cinematic. This makes for a very rich and dynamic sonic landscape.

“X Marks the Spot” is the first of three collaborations with vidpoet that features enchanting vocals that bellow in the background and add depth and elevate the music to newer heights.

“Then and Now and Now is Then” is guaranteed to leave a listener feeling inspired and invigorated because it packs so much punch and a lot of fantastic energy.

Immerse your musical soul in this sensational piece of work by following the attached link. Enjoy!