Stereo Glow Dig It Up

The critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter duo, Stereo Glow, has once again mesmerized the indie pop scene with their sophomore effort, “Dig It Up.” Composed of the multi-talented Lead Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist Jessica Jellen and the virtuoso Mark Burke on guitar and bass, Stereo Glow has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with their unique brand of haunting melodies and evocative lyrics. With their debut hit “Captivation,” Stereo Glow has already earned praise for their signature style of blending gritty and obscure sounds with Jellen’s sultry vocals and Burke’s impetus guitar riffs. However, “Dig It Up” takes this to the next level, showcasing a darker, more multi-dimensional sound that leaves an indelible impression on the listener’s mind.

“Dig It Up” delves into the notion of unwavering belief, probing the idea that our convictions can endure even the most brutal of circumstances. The song suggests that these beliefs aren’t swayed by logic, but instead dwell within us, akin to something hidden beneath the earth. The lyrics conjure an atmosphere of darkness and grit, illustrating a world where our beliefs are hard-fought, crafted through the blood, sweat, and tears of our past and present. They imply that the road to belief is no walk in the park, but rather an arduous journey riddled with hurdles and setbacks.

At Neon Note studio in Camp Hill, PA, Stereo Glow worked their magic under the guidance of producers Mark Burke and Jessica Jellen to create this sonic masterpiece. Mixing the track was the legendary Howie Beck, a three-time Juno award nominee and one of Canada’s most talented musicians, while mastering duties were handled by Noah Mintz, the acclaimed Canadian rock singer-songwriter and owner of studio Lacquer Channel Studio.

In the enthralling music video, Jellen and Burke flaunt their musical synergy, performing in an expansive field house. Burke’s extraordinary guitar prowess takes center stage, harmonizing flawlessly with Jellen’s hypnotic vocals. The outcome is a visually captivating, emotionally stirring visual complement to the already remarkable track.

I wholeheartedly recommend “Dig It Up” to those seeking a potent and poignant indie pop tune, that explores themes of belief, determination, and hope. With Stereo Glow’s debut album dropping on May 5th, “Dig It Up” is merely a tantalizing glimpse of the exceptional music this gifted duo has prepared for their eager fans. Whether you’re an indie pop aficionado or simply craving a deeply touching song, “Dig It Up” is unquestionably worth a listen.

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