Delving deep into artistry with her panache for all things curious, Minneapolis-based indie pop artist speakeazie spearheads her career in a wild exploration of musical wonder. Her artistic path is a rich tapestry of passion for sharing the healing power of music, especially with the heartbroken souls out there with nowhere else to look for songs that understand their fragmented feelings. Her music has always been about understanding the emotions that drive us as humans and true to her emotional sounds, her tracks are a huge testament to the power of music to capture the essence of lived human experiences and emotions that drive us.

Her main focus has always been longevity. She wants to release material that people will remember for years because in her eyes, it’s not just about making music, it’s about making memories. Her influences are from multiple genres of music, including synth pop, dreamy pop, and alternative pop.

With “Forsaken Melodies,” speakeazie very much transports a listener to a world of heartbreak and fractured feelings. The way she performs each track here allows a listener to find their own stories within the lyrics and most importantly, solace.

“Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” is a delicate and intimate body of work with a Broadway feel. The beat is catchy with a healthy concoction of swirling synths, organic guitars, and intricate percussion. On the mic, speakeazie breathes life with her golden, dreamy vocals with lyrics that explore insane intimacy and unhealthy obsession. The instrumentation has intricately been woven together offering the perfect backdrop that attractively complements the spotlight-stealing vocals.

This track feels like the best company when taking a solo drive and you know, there is something undeniably liberating about taking a solo drive. The open road spreads out ahead of you, offering a sense of freedom and possibility that’s hard to find anywhere else. As you leave your worries behind, hit the gas and turn up the volume, it’s like shedding the weight of the world and embracing the present moment.

“Don’t Come Crying to Me” is seriously tasty and sad with a bass-draped dense beat and a livelier tone. Feels like if Billie Eilish did a happier song, this is exactly how it’d sound. The title speaks for the song because they are words everyone says or thinks after being left for someone else.

“Never Hurt You Like You Hurt Me” is catchy, upbeat, and danceable with some familiar hi-hats, synth-driven beat, and a soul-stirring hook at its heart that takes up residence in a listener’s brain for the rest of the day. You can feel the raw, sad emotions in speakeazie’s voice and that’s one of the things most listeners have been able to love about her; she does not hide feelings with her dreamy voice. It’s so easy to get lost in this performance which makes you feel less alone in some type of way!

That beat in “Day Drink Till I Feel Ok” just hit me right in the feels. It’s so smooth and its arrangement is immaculate. The drum kicks and other quintessential pop instrumentation work in perfect harmony with one another to provide solid support for speakeazie’s emotion-drenched vocals as she pours all of herself in the most vulnerable, honest, and introspective way.

“Forsaken Melodies” is such a powerful body of work and a timely reminder of what to expect when speakeazie’s upcoming album finally drops.

To sink your teeth into this captivating body of work, follow the link and savor!

Check out speakeazie’s website and follow her on Instagram to receive real-time updates on her creative endeavors.

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