Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Sparks In The Garden is a spectra acoustic rock band that has developed a sound and strength of its own within the tradition of first-class singing and exquisite acoustic guitar playing. Instead of merely copying the hard rock sounds that they grew up with, this band chooses to leave a distinctive trail and forge their own path. They want to leave footprints that are recognizably theirs, without any doubt. Their musical journey is about staying true to themselves; it is about loyalty, identity, and ultimately authenticity, without which we will all be faking. The vision now is to keep pushing the sonic boundary, never compromising on the authenticity of sound and lyrics, and to continue not only entertaining but also empowering, inspiring, and motivating their listeners along the way.

They are back with a new 5-track EP dubbed “Taller Weeds” that explores the ebbs and flows of human emotions when it comes to intimate connections, genuine and ungenuine love…simply the ups and downs of relationships packaged nicely in the form of heartfelt stories and backed by enchanting melodies for one unforgettable listening experience.

I’d say that this EP is actually packed with character, profundity, and heartfelt conviction, with the band displaying an unmatched desire and hunger to get to the heart of each and every song and capture the essence and narrative perfectly.

This album is a huge testament to the power of music to capture the essence of human experiences and the raw emotions that drive us.

“I Still Keep Them Around” has been delivered with a tone of reminiscence of someone recollecting long-gone memories of a love that truly never materialized and failed to reach its destination. The guitar picking is out of this world, and the rich rock melodies offer solid support for the spotlight-stealing vocal harmonies. The track has been delivered from the perspective of someone who is still stuck in the past and can’t get out of his head. The skillful execution of the music has delightfully complemented the depth of the lyricism.

“One Word” is actually my favorite from this EP. I can’t get enough of the emotionally charged lyrics and the big chorus at the song’s heart that accentuates the weight of the message behind the lyrics. This is one of those songs that stays with you long after the final notes have disappeared. It inspires deep thoughts, evokes strong emotions, and leaves you with something to reflect on, which is really superb!

“Next Part of Me and You” is a heart-touching ballad with gentle guitar melodies backed by warm and haunting vocals. The song touches on strong intimate feelings of love in a way that a listener can be able to find their own stories, making it highly listenable.

“More Than I Can Give” delves into the poignant tale of unrequited love, capturing the raw emotions of someone who is fed up with being the only one giving more in a relationship and still not being appreciated enough. This is a walkout anthem and a masterpiece that speaks against manipulation in a relationship. This song showcases Sparks In The Garden’s incredible songwriting expertise and unique voices as they effortlessly capture the powerful emotions born of defiance and resilience to move on from a draining relationship.

I’ll leave the last tune, “Part of the Carnival” to your imagination, but I can assure you that it is equally as good, if not great, as the rest of the songs in this album.

With “Taller Weeds”, Sparks In The Garden showcase once more that they have the ability to write captivating lyrics and unite those lyrics with mesmerizing melodies guaranteed to leave a lasting impact. It is no brainer that they were born for this and have got it all handled.

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