Hip-hop appears to be more relevant than ever this year, thanks to some thriving rap artists who have exerted their full potential to bring the genre to the forefront. It’s difficult to classify true hip-hop fans because many rappers identify as artists but fail to inject creativity into the mix. Rapper SoosieAudo is quickly making waves in the industry with his strong voice and related rap schemes that entice the audience to participate in more of his productions, effortlessly jumping over all hurdles and setting limits in hip-hop.

SoosieAudo’s hit album, “It’s Been a Long Time Coming,” has made headlines once again. The album contains eight tracks of great music that showcase SoosieAudo’s songwriting abilities. Each song has catchy, edgy lyrics that demonstrate his limitless imagination as he effortlessly transitions between hip-hop, trap, and other contemporary styles. SoosieAudo touches on a variety of styles and subjects that could have an effect on listeners, partygoers, and other artists, from storytelling to performing 16 bar Hip-Hop lyrics.

All of his contributions to the album have been tagged with a professional seal, demonstrating how important music is to him. His songs depict his real life and the thoughts he wishes to express. The artist’s eclectic delivery of lyrical rhythm creates a catchy hook that draws listeners in. Contemporary warmth in a distant progression aids in establishing the artist’s compelling optimism in the songs.

“It’s Been a Long Time Coming” is a musical representation of his feelings and life experiences, enabling his audience, including myself, to see life’s values in a different light.