Some Distant Memory is a collaborative musical project from individuals who share similar musical ideas and wish to blend their musical tastes to serve something bigger than themselves. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this band can be aptly compared to Lo-fi girl/synth boy in the way of electronic music and sound manipulation, with their signature animation stamped all over their records in ways that captivate any electronic sound lover and always looking forward to listening to the band’s epic musical makeovers.

Some Distant Memory is now gearing towards releasing their new project, “Just A Story,” a highly anticipated musical project delivered within the traditions of first-class electronic music production and unique sonic composition for a sound you don’t want to miss out on.

You can expect a cinematic, ethereal, and anime-inspired glow that permeates this project. This is like a dreamscape full of warm sonic wonder; the music easily infiltrates the senses, creating a mood that brings the mind into a state of flow as the short anime film keeps the viewer heavily invested in the sound and storyline.

“Just A Story” is the forthcoming chapter of Some Distant Memory’s musical explorations, mesmeric journeys, and idealistic adventures. This exploration transcends one’s limits and imagination, making it so worthwhile.

Some Distant Memory operates on the belief that whenever you think you have reached your limit, inspiration is just a few blocks or steps beyond…you have to take the steps and reach your potential, which, as you will soon realize, is somewhat infinite!

If you are looking for a fresh musical fixation, look no further than Some Distant Memory’s upcoming project, “Just A Story,” which will be unveiled when the time is right.

For now, you can check them out on the Nors website and subscribe to their NORS Updates YouTube channel.