Hip-creative hop’s etymology, with growth in creativity and artistic expression, has undergone considerable changes that present some of the most culturally enriched tracks as reformative works of art. The innovative talented artist Solomon follows the bandwagon to address some of the most underrated social and personal issues of the current global situation and to turn them into songs that not only have a thematic representation of artistic creations but also imbibe a sense of hope in his audience.

His newly released single ‘Centipede’ begins with a clear sound design and as soon as the performers, Solomon, Rokkai, and Smiles start laying their verses, the intensity increases and the subtle flow becomes majestic and breathtaking. It kicks off with a flicker of instrumentation that passes through a soulfully potent rhythm, maintaining a steady rhythmical flow. Solomon’s verbal dexterity finds consolation in bringing out the true essence of a magnificent lyrical wordplay.

His recently released rap number ‘Centipede’ offers a clear understanding of the depth of his artistry that separates him from the crowd. From well-balanced production and innovative compositional arrangements to great vocal arrangements, the fans of Solomon Rokkai and Smiles, as well as those who enjoy fresh and vibrant music, will certainly want to hear this single.