Snir Yamin sets a high bar; his music is all about emotions, the groove, and the message with his genre-blending pop music. Embodying the ethos of inclusivity and raised with a foundation of kindness, he’s all set to be the beat that drives positive vibes. Through his jams, if he can light up someone’s world and maybe get them dancing joyfully on their feet or just shuffling them, that’s a win. As an artist, he is privy to the sound that came before him, and that is why he endeavors to pay homage while still looking into the future. Simply put, he has been able to weave some of his luminaries legendary influences with his own unique twist to develop a sound and strength of his own within first-class singing and songwriting.

His latest jam, “aftermath” that was scheduled for September 1, 2023, has been pushed further to September 22, 2023, as a result of the mixing studio in LA suffering damage from Hurricane Hilary, which struck earlier this August.

This led to delays at the LA mixing studio, and by the time it reopened, it wasn’t possible to submit the song to all streaming platforms in time for the September 1st release.

This release navigates through the shadows of heartbreak, healing, and moving on following the end of Snir’s 13-year-long relationship. This is an ode to the heartbreak, the unbearable pain, and the mental strength and resilience to move on and leave the past behind.

Delivered through Snir’s intimate, vulnerable, and introspective lens, this song exudes an infectious pop vibe ideal for radio and Spotify editorial playlists.

“aftermath’s” prowess lies in Snir’s innate ability to juxtapose vulnerability with strength, baring his soul and singing directly from his heart.

The pre-save link for the song is now available; to pre-save “aftermath” and stay a step ahead and be among the first to listen to it when it finally debuts on September 22nd, follow Snir on Instagram and check the link on his bio.

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