Smokerface Chris Clay - Don’t Wake Up

He literally saw his life flash before his eyes and was written off and declared dead following a near-fatal car accident that brought with it life-altering experiences. The recovery journey has been painstakingly painful and not one he particularly looks back on with fond memories, but here he is, making music that borrows from relatable life issues. Tell you what, Smokerface Chris Clay has lived through more tragedies than a person has any right to, but instead of crumbling, he is changing lives with his music. He’s got that steel inside of him…truly not all heroes wear capes!

“Don’t Wake Up” is raw, honest, and emotional. You can feel the raw emotions in his voice as he delivers a poetic-flavored lyrical presentation, taking the listener through a deeply revealing experience of the thoughts most of us harbor when things aren’t particularly going our way. When we feel like the world is against us and every little odd has been stacked against us—when we simply feel like we don’t want to wake up!

Revealing and intimately honest, I just love how Smokerface Chris Clay bears his soul open and expresses his vulnerable side, a side that we all have and that is sometimes our power and one that sits at our most wise foundation; guiding us through the engulfing darkness into the pathway of light.

By utilizing high-concept theming with cinematic and historical sonic influences, Smokerface Chris Clay manages to craft a world of his own that utilizes intricate production and daring lyricism in a way that any listener can identify with.

“Don’t Wake Up” is powerful, emotional, and most importantly, deeply resonant. And the way Smokerface Chris Clay just packs a powerful punch with that lyrical performance, knocking his performances out of the park like a Mozart, is why you deserve to experience this unrestrained art in its purest form!

Follow the attached link and live through this song like a religious experience…let it soak you all up and burrow into your bones!

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