Seamlessly combining the brooding sounds of ’80s and ’90s grunge rock with a contemporary metal edge, Slanderus’s sound has been birthed—an imaginative and emotive sound that has earned critical acclaim from fans and critics of rock music. At the band’s heart lies unapologetic authenticity that effortlessly announces itself, flaunted in every track and at every opportunity. They have also been celebrated for their highly energetic live shows that always leave audiences hungry for more yet thoroughly gratified. Such is their knack for crowd connection that you are always guaranteed a time of your life anytime you see them step on stage. If there is a band out there that deserves widespread acclaim, then it is Slanderus!

Returning with the epic, arena-ready rocker “Invert Your Eyes,” Slanderus showcases why they deserve your attention with an accomplished performance reminiscent of rock’s golden days.

The interplay between the terrific riffs and whopping drums lays the foundation for this thrilling beauty before the lead vocalist joins the wave with his emotive vocals and impeccable flows, accentuating the weight of his words.

The more the tune progresses, the more intense it gets, with the band luring and sucking you in with their highly energetic performance. Kennedy displays dexterous guitar picking; JJ Gawrich stuns with determined drumming; Bryan magnifies the sound with peerless bass playing; and Alamillo drives the message home with confident vocals.

Furthermore, the vocals possess a rock ‘snarl’ that, while not overly screamy or gnarly, still pack a punch, fitting the alternative metal genre’s appeal.

Filmed in an abandoned building, the music video showcases Slanderus’s masterful craftsmanship, highlighting their robust instrumentals and rich vocals.

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