Based out of the lively city of Rockmart, Georgia, singer and performer Sky Whatley often creates meaningful and deep music backed by the power and vulnerability of his stylish voice, which is soulful, captivating, and memorable. His music’s rhythm section is often wrapped up in a tapestry of the majestic blues sound with southern soul twists, making for a grand listening experience.

And while he might be blues and southern soul, Sky transcends beyond the conventional instrumentation and typical songwriting of blues and soul that we have become accustomed to. And while he has been compared to some of the greats, listeners have been quick to maintain that he’s got a sound and strength of his own.

Growing up in a musical family, Whatley developed an insatiable passion for music from a young age. His passion was further fueled by his involvement in singing in their local church.

He’s come through sharpening his writing skills and honing his voice under the guidance of his family, and this has contributed to the exemplary artist that he is today, capable of transferring real-life emotions into music with near-universal appeal.

Whatley is set to release a new single titled “Auntie Love,” a captivating and upbeat blues masterpiece with southern soul influences, promising crossover appeal.

The uptempo bluesy beat lays the groundwork and serves as the bedrock for Sky’s breathtaking vocal performances, which ebb and flow like the Nile itself. His performance injects the track with his signature southern soul, mirroring his musical roots.

His captivating voice effortlessly slinks through the soundscape, his signature soulfully rich voice oscillating with such an irresistible allure.

“Auntie Love” celebrates all the beautiful, hardworking, and charming older black women and all their elegance and flamboyance!

“Auntie Love” is such a great addition to Sky’s impressive catalog, which features fan favorites such as “Body Move” and “Friday (Can’t Wait).”

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