“Dusty Road” is a powerful anthemic stoner rock song that has a haunting presence. Through the rip-roaring riffs, the pounding drums, and the raw, emotive vocals, a listener gets to witness firsthand Sidecar Yeti’s naked passion, and I can assure you that this is an otherworldly, surreal experience that I can only compare to that live theater experience or witnessing your favorite rock band perform live.

Sidecar Yeti are aspiring to reach that stage and get crowds buzzing and in states of euphoria as they sing and dance jubilantly to their live music…and I can feel it in the distance. With rollicking singles such as this, they are definitely on the path to success!

This is one of those tracks that helps you elude reality as you escape into the hypnotic, hazy, and energetic world of Sidecar Yeti’s creation, and it’s a feeling that words can hardly capture.

When the music is over, you have to sort of shake it off and come back to your own reality again, which is one of my favorite bits about this performance; – it’s almost like you just read a captivating chapter from a really intriguing book, and you can once again engage with your surroundings.

I love how they pack such a powerful punch with self-assured and raw vocals, letting a listener escape into the song’s unique atmosphere and aesthetic. As soon as the track is over, you just want to play it again, and that’s a testament to the track’s superb quality.

A performance packed with gothic energy, attitude, drive, and the stoner vibrancy that only Sidecar Yeti affords, “Dusty Road” deserves a place under your favorite playlist.

To add it to your playlist, follow the attached link, and as you take flight into this absolute banger like a moth to a flame, take others along for the ride with you!

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