From explosive guitar riffs, insane bass licks, rip-roaring drums, and soaring and big choruses over hypnotic productions, it’s incredibly hard to pin down exactly who Shaven Primates sound like. This quintet based out of Oxford, UK that was established back in 2017, has been stretching genre boundaries when it comes to both classic, modern, and contemporary rock. They competently blend art rock, pop, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, and post-punk to forge a unique, tried and tested sound.

By bending genres and hitting all the right emotional notes, Shaven Primates mean business. Determined to bring the world of post-punk and darkwave a step closer to the world of art and progressive rock and pop, this band is breaking barriers at every turn and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

They are back and generating considerable buzz following the release of their new album, dubbed “Birds Ain’t Real”- a 5-track collection that offers a cathartic and visceral listening experience thanks to that invigorating eclectic mix of styles at its core.

This album takes cues from the wins and adversities of life, offering thought-provoking observations of real human experiences and raw emotions from war, propaganda, and conspiracy theories. There are also tales of personal loss as well as depression and suicide-inspired tales, offering listeners sounds that hit them on a personal and emotional level so that those battling similar emotional storms might be able to find solace and gravitate toward the music.

“Birds Aren’t Real” is a huge testament to the band’s limitless versatility and creativity as songwriters and performers. This is such a thoughtful collection that deserves to be in the limelight thanks to how stupendous it actually is.

A prime fusion of emotive vocals, guitar virtuosity, insane bass licks, and powerful drums where each member of the band gets a platform to display their talent and shine is how “Fade Away” is birthed. The result is a melting pot of success, which is the band’s distinguishing feature as they hit fans one hook at a time.

“A Decision” is another epic tune that features a stunning concoction of squeaky clean guitars and a deeply haunting vocal performance with such depth and color added by the synths and the nice layers of harmony that offer solid support for the ear worming vocal performance.

There is an inescapable addition of pace and tempo in the track, “Silicon Implants” with the band unleashing a timeless medley of rhythm guitars, upright bass, and some self-assured vocals, laying a steady foundation with a strong automotive anthem. This track is the beating heart of yesteryear dragged into the modern age, and it’s an absolute joy to hear. It has been filled with fast-paced and toe-tapping energy, making it such a wonderfully authentic anthem.

“Unmasked” features deeply emotional lyrics that grapple with the experience of autism amidst societal stereotypes and misguided notions. The instrumentation is slow and dark, with an infectious chorus at its heart that haunts a listener outside the track.

The title track is a sharp, string-slapping blend of two styles, conjuring up gorgeous shades of the original progressive rock scene. It has also been set to whimsical observations, perhaps to take the sting off of the deep theme of the government always wanting to control and watch everything we do. This track really embodies the entire album’s essence and narrative and rounds out the album, leaving a listener emotionally gratified and thoroughly entertained.

Thanks to its bold, textured sound and diverse stylistic range, “Birds Aren’t Real” is already winning over fans and critics alike.

Already streaming on all the popular channels, how about you follow the link below and sink your teeth into this raw masterpiece from a band at the summit of their creative expression.

For more updates, check out Shaven Primates website at

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