Displaying such tremendous powers, fortitude, and strength that depict her Iranian culture is Shabnam Jaleh; an Iranian-born singer and songwriter whose family migrated to the USA in quest of freedom. Her music career began in 2009 when she enrolled at a university to study music. Under the guidance of several classical Persian musicians, including the owner and founder of Persina Pop music and the Black Cats, Shahbal Shabpareh, she was able to get a platform on which to showcase her musical gifts, going on to debut her 2018 album “Radsho,” which was her first ever Farsi cover track of an American pop song!

Through her music, Shabnam Jaleh reflects powerful stories of wounded Iranian femininity and the Iranian government’s attempt to silence feminine power. Coming into her own divinity as a woman has been a big part of Jaleh’s story and she knows it deep inside that people really need to recognize that feminine energy is powerful in its own right and it is meant to be respected!

Her new single, “Azadi,” which was written, recorded, and produced in Iran, is a tale that celebrates and throws its weight behind the currently ongoing fight for freedom and love. The cover art, which features a couple embracing amidst the ongoing protests in Iran, is a genuine depiction of the inspiration behind this ear-grabbing masterpiece!

Delivered with euphonious and incredibly ear-grabbing female vocals over the modern and modest melodicism, you can feel the raw emotions through the singer’s voice even if you don’t understand the Persian language- that’s the beauty of music…it is a universal language!

This journey has just begun, and while it is saddening that the Iranian authorities have sought to suppress freedom and femininity, deeming them weak and reducing women to being the weaker species under the guise of misogyny, people have decided that they are not going down without a fight. Several decades from now, this revolution will be remembered for having been the start of a new Iran brimming with love, endless possibilities, and unbridled love!

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